Saturday, March 8, 2014

(recap of 2013 pt 3) Kiteboarding 4 Cancer 2013

For those that know about, as well as those that participate yearly, the KB4C event (Kiteboarding 4 Cancer) is one of the most "looked forward to" events held at the Hood River event site.

The event raises money for several cancer related  research organization, as well as Athletes 4 Cancer, an amazing organization that sends young cancer survivors to a retreat, Camp Koru" on Hawaii that helps a them re-enter a life that has often drastically changed, and may at times feel like life ended even though they survived the cancer treatment. At Koru the campers learn to reengage with life through water sports, such as surfing, SUP, and kiteboarding.  Check their website out.

Besides the money raised, many people come to be wowed by the sheer number of kites on the water at a single time during the 6 hour endurance race.  Many riders clock well over 100 miles of riding in a single day by doing 60-70 laps around a 3 mile course.

This year I once again participated in the race, and while I didn't go the full distance, I did personally raise $1,000 to the cause during the weeks prior to the event.

Here are some pictures of me riding in the event....

Same moment, different angle....

While I don't have any pictures to prove it, the event was heavily attended by the pros.  Jason Slezack, Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carroll, Sam Light, Renu Romeo, Brandon Sheid, and others I am sure that I am forgetting.
Anyways, it was a hugely successful event, with a ton of money raised for the cause.

Here are a few other pictures from the event.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

(recap of 2013 pt 2) Spring is here

The spring of 2013 wasn't my best year for kiting opportunities, as the whole "kid thing" had finally become a reality, where my responsibility of picking up Avy from daycare (my wife drops her off at daycare) definitely cut into my ability to jam out of work and head straight to Jetty Island for a session. Spring of 2013 really was the first time I didn't have absolute freedom to kite at will.

On the other side of things though, as much as I love kiting, I really do love spending time with my little princess.

Regardless, I was still teaching kiteboarding lessons for Urban Surf so every weekend you would find me at Jetty Island.  Many times I got to teach for a few hours and then get a good session in myself.  Although...yes, I did get less time on the water in the summer of 2013 because I wasn't teaching both Saturday and Sunday like previous summers.

On a good sunny Sunday, I took the whole family to the island, including Avy's Grandparents (my mom and dad).  The wind wasn't great, but Avy proved once again that she is a natural beach bum and water dawg.

Avy loves the water.  Here you see her first body surfing experience.

Sun and wind mean kites, boarder, and friends at Jetty Island!

 Avy and her grandma....watching someone shlog around in the light wind.

Not to veer too far from kiting with all these pics of Avy, I bought my wife Becky a new 11M Naish Ride for an early bday present. She loves this kite.  A very good kite for light wind riding with a ton of low end grunt.

Avy was tired after her body surfing session...but that was nothing a little lounging and mouthfuls of Strawberries couldn't fix.

And here I am, wearing my Chennai Super Kings Cricket Jersey (I got in when I went to India a month earlier...non-kiting trip or you would see pics).  Definitely did not get the best session in on this day...but I had a great time.  And, I did get a decent amount of kiting in at Jetty Island over the next 3 months of summer.

OK.  To close out this post, I will say that I won't always bog down my posts with 100 shots of my little girl.  But for this post I thought you may enjoy seeing Avy once again, among the Pacific Northwest kiters at Jetty Island, Seattle's premiere summer kiteboarding beach. 

(recap of 2013 pt 1) Winter Kiting at Lowman Beach, West Seattle.

Alrighty, so in my quest to catch up on all the kiteboarding goodness that happened between my last post at the end of 2012 to the current date of March 2014, I am digging through my folders of pictures to see what I can find to interest you.

First session of the year was with my buddy, Dan aka Tuna, on Feb 16 2013.  It was a short, gnarly, cold session at Lowman Beach in West Seattle.  I brought along what was then new to me, the camera I had recently picked up.  Here are some pics of Dan killing it on that cold, but sunny, winter day.

Crazy enough, Dan forgot his booties and still managed to kite for 20 minutes or so....pretty sure he didn't feel his feet for a week.

Another pair of kiters where there but failed to come into shore before the wind died.  I bet that was a long and very cold swim in.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

New posts coming...

So I know I slacked off writing anything on this blog for roughly an entire year.  In the next week I plan to update the blog with last years happenings, and where Becky and I are at with our dreams of chasing the wind.

Stay tuned for more.....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 summer recap

Hello, let me re-introduce myself.  I am Ryan Theory.

I felt the need to reiterate who I am since I have been absent for 5 or 6 months since my last post.  Yes, I guess I am a wildly irresponsible blogger, and now that we are headed into winter I probably won't be a whole lot better in the coming months.  I apologize now ahead of the neglect of this blog.

So my intention, the reason for this post, is to just give a spring/summer season recap.  Let me just start by saying this summer was awesome!

First things first then.....

April and May were both pretty good months for wind.  In late April we got almost 2 straight weeks of wind.  Many kiters here in the Seattle area were in double digits for consecutive days riding.  Spring was definitely not the warmest, but we made the best of it at the beaches.  Often building a fire on Jettty Island to keep warm between, or after a good session.

 local Seattle kiteboarding cr3w - me on the end, no not the freaky guy on the left...I'm on the right.

For me, spring was also a pretty exciting, if not scary time, since my wife and I were expecting our first (and only) child in May.  On May 31st my baby girl arrived.  Her name is Avy Dejah Curtright.  pronounced "A V"  and Dejah is like Deja Vu.

 Avy Dejah Curtright at 24 hrs old....
 My little girl is the best.  She is super smiley all the time and just a joy to be around.  Even at 1 month old she was starting to head to Jetty Island to watch daddy kiteboard.  In fact, on July 4th we went to Jetty and spent the day.

Jetty Island- July 4th 2012. I'm in the neon green w/ 14m 2012 Naish Park.
And here is my little diva enjoying her first day at Jetty Island on the 4th of July with daddy kiting in the background.
Avy even stayed at Jetty until after the fireworks show.  Not one single crying session or fit in what ended up being a good 12 hr day at the beach.

What else is new?  Well, I updated my birds and yes, I love them! I got a 10m and 14m 2012 Naish Park.

And today I pick up my new 2013 7m Naish Park from the shop.  The new Park comes in Orange and we will see if I like it as much as the neon green combos.....

Also this summer I taught quite a few kiteboarding lessons for Urban Surf Kite School on Jetty Island.  In fact, I am about 1/2 of the way to my Level 2 IKO Certification.  My goal is to get to Level 2 by the end of next summer season.  And my wife and I are planning to pack the baby up and head on our life journey, chasing wind, looking for our own piece of paradise on Jan 1st 2014.  That roughly 15 months from now...and now that we have a baby, I am sure that the time will fly by.

Here is a quick youtube video of one of my student, Kris, getting the hang of things this summer.

Some other cool tidbits of summer for me included DJing and competing in the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer event in Hood River.  Not only did I DJ day 2 of the event, but I competed in the endurance race on Day 1.  In order to compete I needed to fund raise or pay an entry fee.  I decided to fundraise at last minute and didn't think I would actually make my goal of $500 before the event.  But in less than 5 days I did hit my goal and was one of 30 or so people to hit the $500 mark.   
To learn more about the event and who it benefited, click the link above.  We brought in over 60 thousand dollars for Atheletes 4 Cancer this year, so it was an epic success.
I also took a bunch of pictures of my friends at the event.  So, enjoy.....

Sick Nick

Sam Light

Sam Light


Philip goes big for the crowd

pardon me, but do you have some grey poupon?


Jon Carrol

Caroline and BBQ Jim

Greg Gnecco of Liquid Force

Disco Devon Carrol


Kip shows off pro-body dragging skills


Allen again....
Well, that about wraps up my summer.  Once I started having to pick Avy up from her daycare I pretty much lost the ability for an after-work I am just a weekend warrior.  Hurry up life change and get here!  That being said, heading straight home to spend time with this little doll isn't so fact, I love it.
pics taken 2 days ago...

If I get out in the next few weeks on my 2013 7m Park, I will be sure to fill you in.
Until next time....keep riding and may the wind be in your near future.